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Earth day at Texas State
By Megan Parrish

Texas State University hosted Earth Day in the Quad on April 18, 2012 starting at 9am and lasting all day.
The event was put on by several student organizations on campus and featured several displays that focus on sustainability, such as solar panels and solar powered vehicles, and free campus nature and plant walks. Some of the organizations included Human Environmental Animal Team (or HEAT) and Permies.
“We collected bags of cigarette butts to raise awareness of how gross littering can be,” said Felicia Lynch, a social work major and representative for HEAT. “We just want to prove a point.”
Adam Salcedo, an anthropology professional and tour guide, lead two plant walks around campus to educate students on edible wild plants.

WaterAid at Texas State was also one of the organizations there and hosted a Denim Drive, asking students to bring old denim to be recycled into home insulation that will later be donated to Habitat for Humanity. They also educated students on their “water footprint” and how it is associated with denim.
“So far we’ve done done well,” said Maia Holmes, president and founder of WaterAid at Texas State. “We have had several people bring denim.”
Victoria Meeranjam, a nutrition major at Texas State, works with Eco and WaterAid to raise money for Hays County food bank and for the community gardens.
“At the Farmer’s Market we raised $55 just by selling rocks,” said Victoria. “This time we are selling rocks and Loquats, a local grown fruit.”
Permies, was using a stationary bicycle to make loquat-banana smoothies. Their goal is to teach students about sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Following the day events, there will also be two documentaries presented in the Evans Liberal Arts building room 114. At 5pm, a locally produced, award winning film called “Switch” will be presented. “Switch” addresses our nation’s energy future with regards to renewable energy and fossil fuels. At 7pm, “Bag It,” is a film that investigates how plastic waste directly affects our lives.
                Earth day didn’t end on April 18. “Bike to school/work day” will be on April 19. Students are encouraged to ride their bikes to school or work. They can also bring a blank t-shirt to the quad to have it printed for free.

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WaterAid Holds Denim Drive at Texas State University

SAN MARCOS, Texas, April 18, 2012 – The WaterAid chapter of TXST will be hosting a denim drive in the Quad today to assist Habitat for Humanity.
           Students are asked to bring their old and worn denim to donate. The drive will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
          The denim will be given to the Cotton. From Blue to Green project to create housing insulation. Habitat for Humanity will then receive the insulation to use in their building projects.
          “This is our first time holding a denim drive,” said Maia Holmes, president of WaterAid at TSXST.”We hope to collect at least 500 pieces of denim. That will be enough to create insulation for one house.”
          WaterAid’s denim drive is an effort to support Earth Day at TXST, and create student awareness of the environment.
          “We have about 25 actively involved members, and we are always looking for ways to involve the student body and raise awareness about our projects,” Holmes said.
          WaterAid at TXST is a student operated chapter of the national WaterAid organization. It was created two years ago by students who were looking for ways to become involved in both local and global water conservation projects. This year, WaterAid has been involved in river cleanup projects as well as hosting the local 5k World Walks for Water.

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April 19, 2012
Ashley Miller                        
Public Relations
Texas State WaterAid

Texas State WaterAid Plan of Events
            SAN MARCOS, Texas, April 19, 2012 – Texas State WaterAid has begun planning events and fundraising for the 2012-2013 school year.
            Newly elected president, Nathan Hartman, has made a few changes regarding timing of events, hoping to involve more students next fall. Hartman’s ultimate goal for the WaterAid chapter at Texas State is to raise over $1,000 as well as to increase student and community participation.
            “Being part of an organization helps students build professional skills with their peers,” said Hartman. “It’s nice to know you’re making a difference too.”
In the past, WaterAid has hosted a 5k marathon during the spring semester in support of World Walks for Water. However, the event will be held in the fall of 2012 instead in order to avoid conflicting marathons in the San Marcos area.
            In addition to hosting another marathon, WaterAid will host two River Clean Up and Camp Out events, one each semester.
            “It’s a great service event to participate in and the camp out is a really great way to meet new people,” Hartman said.
            WaterAid also provides awareness and education throughout the school year, including World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day raises global awareness of the struggle 2.6 billion people face everyday without access to proper, clean sanitation.
            Students and citizens alike are encouraged to attend WaterAid meetings beginning in the fall semester of 2012. Meetings are held at 5 p.m. in ELA 218 on the first Monday and third Thursday of every month.
            Texas State WaterAid, a nonprofit student organization, is a chapter of WaterAid International. The local chapter works to support the international chapter as well as the San Marcos community. WaterAid strives to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation worldwide and in San Marcos. All proceeds are donated directly to the international organization, Texas River Association, San Marcos River Foundation, and San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance. 
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